Fire and Light

Because I like to write

"Pick up the battle and make it a better world. Just where you are.
And it can be better.
And it must be better.
But it is up to us.”
-Maya Angelou

"Pick up the battle and make it a better world. Just where you are.
And it can be better.
And it must be better.
But it is up to us.”
-Maya Angelou

I want to dance with you

Out in the backyard
Under no eyes but the moons

I want to stay up waiting for you
To get up the courage
To sing to me with that voice
You so despise and I love
Because in all its imperfections
I only hear the love of you
And the nakedness of a soul
That had always hidden under
Too many layers of clothing
And a jacket you refused to remove
On the hottest day

But when I was cold
You took it off for me
And you held me as I cried
When in my anger I hurt you
And you told me with measured words
How you had never learned to comfort
But how you wanted to

For love of me.

My heart is full.


Speak only the truth

Lets stop talking bad about people we don’t know
One day they might be the only ones willing to chance a friendship with you.

Lets stop letting people be lonely
One day you might be the one alone.

Lets stop lying to our friends
Not because of what it gets you, but because it hurts them.

Lets start loving with our whole hearts,
And speaking our minds, but training our minds to think well of people so that what come out will be praise and love and joy.
Perhaps then our friendships will be stronger, our hearts fuller, our lives longer.

Perhaps then we will stop being lonely.

Why am I so sure of your love?

1. The quiet seeped from your pores and I craved it.
2. I walked you to work every day for no reason but that you asked me to and I was lonely.
3. I had a boyfriend, but I think he knew he was never going to match me. His heart was full of poison and mine glowed.
4. You loved her.
5. He left me.
6. I wonder if she ever truly loved you, because I knew you better than she ever seemed to try, and when i knew she was going to drop you, I just wanted to be there to help you stand back up again.
7. I was entranced by his walk, and the magic promised in his words and hands.
8. His lips tasted like another boy’s unfaithfulness but I still liked it.
9. When he dropped me you were there.
10. Sometimes I think I always knew you’d loved me.


I stretch my branches upward.
A mortal child at my feet
Tells me of her troubles.
Love lost,
Love found,
Friends she left behind
And the worries of her life.
“If only you could talk”
She sighs, and I,
I talk to her of time.

I Love You

When you said I love you the first time,
My heart stopped beating,
My lungs paused.
Maybe they dont always do that now.
But this morning,
You said I love you…

And I had to remember to breath.

My heart flutters
And I think of the butterflies in china
That cause a tornado in Texas
And I wonder if my heart fluttering
From this far away can set
Yours to pounding
The way your words did to me last night
When I said yes.